Kaldi Beer Spa

KALDI – Beer Spa


The Bath tubs, are made from Kambala wood, and will be 7 in total so we can

accommodate about 14 people each hour.

The bath tubs available for people, one at a time, or two together. There is no 

age limit for the beer bath because the bathwater is undrinkable, but there is a draft beer dispenser at every tub for anybody over 20 years of age.

16 years and younger need to be accompanied with adults.
When taking a beer bath, you bathe in a big tub filled with beer, water, hops and yeast.

After 25 minutes, you get up from the tub and go to a relaxation room for another 25 mintutes.

Outside area

There is a big outside area with a great view of Hrísey island, mountains and

Þorvalds valley. ​We have two outside hot tubs that take 8-10 people each.




The restaurant, we can take up to 75 guests in seats.​

Variety of meals and Kaldi beer related food on offer.


Kaldi Beer Spa
621 Dalvík