Reykjavik Winter Wonderland

Day 1.

We pick you up at your accommodation in the Reykjavík area or we can arrange to pick you up from the intl.Airport in Keflavík. (KEF)

*You will be traveling in a car specially modified for Icelandic winter road conditions, a Super Jeep.

We will start with the most popular tour in all of Iceland the so called Golden circle tour.

Our first stop is “Þingvellir” or The Parliament fields, a beautiful clear water lake surrounded by volcanoes and is our oldest national park since 1930. This is the place where you can witness the continental drift and get to know a lot about our Viking heritage. The second stop is the Geysir geothermal park with the very famous Geysir the father of all hot springs with it´s nearby grandson “Strokkur” blowing 40 feet up in the air every 5 to 10 min. The third stop is the nearby “Gullfoss” the Golden waterfall. A magnificent glacier river 100 feet tall waterfall. And finally we stop at the second largest glacier “Langjökull” (1650m) where you get a glimpse of the extreme driving abilities of the super jeeps before we make our way to our accommodation in a country lodge* for the night. After dark, we will start looking up, hoping to witness one of nature’s most spectacular wonders, the northern lights.

On this day, you can add a snowmobile tour on the ice cap


Day 2.

This tour takes us through the beautiful south coast. On one hand the breath taking steep mountainside carved out by the ocean during the ice age and the most famous volcano/glacier “Katla” and “Eyjafjallajökull“. On the other side the wild North Atlantic Ocean with the black sand beaches. After enjoying the waterfall “Seljalandfoss” we drive up to “Sólheimajökull” glacier outlet to enjoy a 1hr glacier walk and after a nice walk we drive down to the beautiful black sand beaches, on our way back to Reykjavik we stop at “Skógar” waterfall with a chance of catching a glimpse of rainbows. Arriving late afternoon in Reykjavík at your accommodation or at the Reykjavik domestic airport for your flight to Akureyri.

 *It is possible to upgrade your accommodation to hotel stay for an additional fee below.

You can add an extra day to your tour:

Day 3, extra day for additional fee

Skaftafell” and the Glacier Lagoon, a drive to Iceland’s biggest Ice cap “Vatnajökull“.
We will continue east through the largest lava field on earth from resent history. You would also experience the black sand desert of “Skeiðarársandur“. Many of Iceland‘s largest glacial rivers flow into the Atlantic Ocean from the south shore. Each year they move millions of tons of black volcanic sand to the beaches. Just before reaching the lagoon, we drive past “Öræfajökull” glacier, home to Iceland‘s highest peak, “Hvannadalshnjukur“.
Jökulsárlón is a stunning glacial lagoon that is constantly changing as the massive glacier retreats.

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